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    Imagine looking and feeling great, filled with peace and faith, energetic, and optimistic. Hollywood gives the image of health, but Doctor Fitness delivers the coaching to authentic health starting with the mind moving to
    the muscles.

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    Smart training is time efficient and
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    A healing hands on touch from Dr. Zac Burkett will restore your life, Immunity, mobility, and flexibility. For me chiropractic was more than a career choice, it is my calling. Give yourself the opportunity to rejuvenate; reduce stress exponentially. You are in good hands at Doctor Fitness Healing Center.

Why Choose Us

Information is certainly out there, but people are battling weight loss resistance issues and autoimmune like never before. At Doctor Fitness, implementing research tested healing strategies in nutrition and fitness is our passion. You see, coaching people to apply the healing strategies is far superior to managing symptoms by merely taking a pill.

We provide time and cost efficient fat loss and health improving coaching that includes immune boosting chiropractic! Most doctors recommend exercise and diet, we teach you and coach you in session one on one and emphasize accountability. This is where you will find life changing results!


Chiropractic Services

At Doctor Fitness, chiropractic is a pillar. Removing physical interference that impedes nerve flow for each patient is a priority. Research shows that immune function is boosted 200% post chiropractic adjustment. Many soft tissue release and adjusting techniques are offered based on the preference of my patients.

Spinal Manipulation

Dr. Burkett has 25 years of experience in correcting spinal misalignments aka subluxations. If you are experiencing joint tightness, brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, the chiropractic adjustment is for you. You will feel a boost in energy and ease in your body. Your nerves carry the healing energy from your brain to your cells. Chiropractic releases that life force.

Auto-Immune Disease

Autoimmune Disease is reaching epidemic proportions in America. It activates when stress overwhelms your genetic capacity. Your own overactive immune system then attacks healthy cells. At Doctor Fitness, this can be turned completely around through educating and implementing powerful corrective healing methods.

Chronic Inflamation

Chronic Inflammation is the body's allergic response to stress iphsysically, chemically, and emotionally. Controlling inflammation is a five point protocol that I teach to all of my patients. If inflammation is not controlled, autoimmune disease progresses. This does not need to be your reality. Healing is available!

Weight Loss Resistance

Weight Loss Resistance is a frustrating symptom. It ihas caused people to train harder causing joint pain. Many have decided to give up on their goals. The Doctor Fitness method implements ancient healing strategies to bio hack and overcome these weight loss plateaus.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a sign that you are in need of a great chiropractor that specializes in the person that desires optimal health. Your body is a fun machine that should function normally. A combination a releasing, stretching, and strengthening the involved muscles will restore natural movement. Doctor Fitness is hands on for this specific healing as it relates to joint pain.

Brain Fog and Fatigue

Brain Fog and Fatigue are limiting the quality of life of American families. This is a symptom of stress, and toxicity. Our coaching methods are successful in restoring mental clarity and amazing energy! When you remove the interference, the body will heal. Doctor Fitness will diagnose the toxin, and teach you how to eliminate these irritants.

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Meet Dr. Zac Burkett

Chiropractic is my calling, Fitness is my fun. Nutrition is my challenge, Teaching healing to people is my honor!

Dr. Zac Burkett



Dr. Zac studied pre-med at Penn State University. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic college in 1995. I have received multiple certifications in personal training, nutrition, and post surgical rehabilitation. I continue to attend seminars relating to cellular detoxification. Helping people for over 20 years in the fight to stay young, I have had to learn to change. People are unique, and we are living in stressful times. I love seeing people come back to health, and zeal for life. Life has taught me many lessons about this arduous health journey. God has been good to me. He has prepared me to serve our health needs in Myrtle Beach and beyond. I speak live on the Gator radio station weekly, speak publicly in churches and in the community to teach healing, faith, and fitness. I have assisted two paralyzed people regain their mobility. A woman lost 106 pounds in a year training 12 minutes a week. Many lives have been changed. Souls have been saved by the grace of God. Whiplash has been healed. Shoulders fixed, low backs restored, it's been so fun and amazing for me! Now is your time to meet your miracle.

Weight Loss Resistance

Auto-Immune Disease

Chronic Inflamation

Joint Pain

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Brain Fog and Fatigue

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